Hold a treat in the palm of your hand with your thumb over it.  Offer it to your dog.

Either click or say “yes” when your dog eats the treat.  Repeat about 5 times.

Now hold your palm to your dog with no treat.  Your dog will touch your hand out of habit.  Either click or say “yes” and immediately deliver a treat to your dog from the other hand.  Repeat about 5 times.

Hold your palm out and say your dog’s name.  When he touched your hand, either click or say “yes”.  Repeat several times as you hold your hand in different directions.  Walk or run from your dog and hold your hand out so he has to run to touch your hand.

“ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!” click or say yes and give your dog a treat.  The couple times you need to use this command when your dog is loose and you don’t have any food, you don’t want him to already know you may be empty handed.

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