Earning an AKC Intermediate Trick Dog Title

To earn an Intermediate title, a dog must perform 10 tricks.  Intermediate tricks are slightly more difficult than Novice tricks, such as, leg weave, roll over, and sit pretty.  Food and toy lures is not allowed at this level.  But, food or toy rewards and clickers are allowed.

___ Balance treat on nose or head (e.g., dog biscuit)

___ Carry (a basket)

____ Catch (soft toy, soft ball)

____ Crawl (dog on belly, crawls at least 5 feet-may use food or toy lure)

____ Fetch it (20 ft.)

____ Game (dog manipulates interactive canine game to get treat)

___ Go find (handler hides, dog goes and finds)

___ Go to your place (to bed/mat, crate from 10 ft.)

___ Hand signals (sit, down, come, stand, etc. 3 in a row)

____ Jump through handler’s circle arms

____ Leg weave (weave around handler’s legs)

____ Paws up (on handler’s arm)

____ Pull a toy on a string or rope

____ Push button on sound toy, toy piano, to turn on audiotape, etc.

___ Rollover

___ Shell game (find treat under 1 of 3 cups)

____ Sit pretty (sit up or sit w/ head tilted)

____ Wave good-bye

____ Weave poles (6 weave poles) (may use food or toy lure for this trick)

____ Wobble board

___ Other: Handler’s choice #1:_______________________ ____ Other: Handler’s choice #2:_______________________

Tricks classes are available Wednesdays 10:30-11:30 am or 8-9 pm. Check the calendar for the next session or contact Paula for drop in availability.

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