Obedience Classes

 Obedience is for all dogs…

Whether you are an experienced AKC competitor looking for tips to improve your scores or a new puppy owner wanting to socialize and enforce basic manners, Baebea's Dog Training is here to help you and your dog meet your goals. For best results, bring both a flat and a link collar and a 6' leash. Don't forget plenty of treats or a favorite toy to reward and motivate your dog! 

Obedience class ends with sit/stays. Experienced dogs like these practice long distance stays.

Baebea’s Dog Training’s goal is to help every dog master the basic commands – sit, stay, heel, down, come, stand, finish and wait. The behaviors required by the AKC Companion Dog title translate to commands every owner needs to communicate to their dog. Your dog does not need to be an AKC papered dog to benefit from our training or to compete in AKC obedience and rally trials. All dogs need manners. When an owner is able to apply a sit/stay command in a real life situation a title excercise has a practical application.

BaeBea’s Dog Training offers a range of classes from puppy obedience to AKC Utility obedience. Contact us if you are unsure which is the best fit for you and your dog.

Puppy Obedience This 8 week class is for puppies 3-10 months of age. Introduce your puppy to the important behaviors needed as an adult dog. Topics covered include taking a treat gently from your hand, not jumping on people, heel, sit, down, stay, come. Frequent play breaks will be allowed for same size puppies with similar temperaments.

Foundation Competition Obedience  Get your dog started on the right paw to a successful competition career.  Work all the exercises needed for the AKC Companion Dog title. Each 4 week session emphasizes motivation and precision.

Advanced Competition Obedience Fine tune your skills at the Open or Utility level. Exercises are customized based on handler/dog team needs and might include scent discrimination, directional retrieves and distance signaling.

Rally Obedience In each class we will focus on a few of the signs, learning what the symbols mean and how to correctly perform each exercise. Each 4 week session emphasizes team work and having fun while improving your precision in the ring. The session will conclude with practice on a sample rally course.

Classes held at Wet Dog Wellness Center

432 SE 91st Ave, Portland, OR

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