Tricks for Commercials and Titles

Learn to train foundation behaviors that are the building blocks for nearly every trick.  Learn different training techniques and how to figure out which techniques to use for which behaviors.  Expand on the tricks your dog already knows.  Train new tricks that are different than any trick your dog already knows.  Come with specific behaviors in mind that you want to train your dog.  Or train your dog the most requested behaviors for filmwork that will make your dog more marketable for commercials and print ad.  Or learn the tricks that will earn your dog titles in AKC’s new Trick program.    Behaviors covered in past classes include: down with chin on ground, sit up, shake hands, wave, back up, stay with multiple distractions, jump, fetch, play dead, eyes closed, say your prayers, weave through your legs, bark, walk slow, go to mark, fast recall, run around cone, crawl, hike rear leg, play basketball. Multiple students have earned Expert trick titles through DMWYD.  Class is taught by AKC certified trick evaluator.
Dogs are not required to take a class with me to work on a commercial or photo shoot, but any dog I have seen in class will not have to “audition” for me to prove it can work around distraction.

Class held at Wet Dog Wellness Center.  432 SE 91st Ave, Portland, OR


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