Trainer Paula Ratoza offers classes in obedience, rally, puppy obedience, nose work , and agility. Paula has trained dogs and their owners her entire adult life. As an owner/handler Paula has put over 300 combined titles in obedience, rally, nose work and agility on several dogs and has received multiple High-In-Trials in her competitive career. She and MACH2 Wyndem’s Brain Storm, UD GN RAE MXF MXP MJP XFP WAC, better known as BaeBea earned the most AKC titles in multiple disciplines of any Doberman in US history. As a trainer, Paula’s main goal is to help owners have well mannered dogs. For those interested in competing,  she knows what it takes to get to the top and has proudly followed her students as several have gone on to earn top titles and High-In-Trials with multiple dogs. As an AKC agility judge, Paula has the opportunity to review different running styles as she travels the country watching over 300 runs several weekends a year. Paula willingly shares the knowledge she gains via her experiences. She keeps current with proven training methods by regularly attending seminars. More

AKC and DMWYD Trick Dog

Willamette Valley English Springer Spaniel Club Trials

796 West 13th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402

April 20 – 22
10 am – 3:00 pm

Basic props will be provided. Bring any specialty props needed for a successful trick. If you are planning to use a crate, please provide it.

Not sure if your dog can do it? Take a look at the requirements for NoviceIntermediate, Advanced and Performer AKC Trick Titles. Or join a tricks class and have fun with your dog.

Current Class Schedule

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