Save Your Rally Q

IMG_1032Paula Ratoza has earned many perfect rally scores with her dogs and her dogs have earned multiple High Combined. In her many years volunteering as a steward at the Rose City Classic Dog Show and other venues she has had ample opportunity to note the most common mistakes handlers make in the rally ring.

Have you exited the rally ring smiling only to learn your score was much lower than you expected or, worse yet, NQ was written next to your dog’s number? Have your received a Q, and even a placement, only to get a letter from AKC informing you that your dog was not eligible to participate in the class?

This workshop is for those new to the sport of rally obedience or for those who have taken some time off. Your dog’s eligibility in the A versus B classes, the appropriate level and jump height are some of the topics that will be covered. Participants will learn the proper execution of the rally exercises that caused the most problems at the recent dog shows. You will have a chance to practice with your dog.