Earning an AKC Advanced Trick Dog Title

To earn an Advance title, a dog must perform 5 tricks of higher difficulty, such as back up, bow, or put toys away. For Advanced title, handlers may not use food/toys as lures. May use food rewards/clickers.

Many people took advantage of the handler’s choice option.  It was fun to see the creative tricks – “stick em up” dog stands on hind legs and raises front paws in the air, “pylon” dog races around a cone, “march” dog alternates lifting right and left front paws.


___ Back up (walk backwards)

___ Balance treat on nose, flip to eat when told “OK”

___ Barrel (roll with 2 paws, or stand on with 4)

___ Bow (as in “Take a bow”)

___ Circle right, circle left

___ Cover your eyes

___ Cover-up with blanket

___ Go hide (get under table)

___ Head down

___ Hide your head (under blanket, front arm over head)

___ Jump into handler’s arms

___ Jump over handler’s back

___ Light (turn on pressure sensitive battery operated light)

___ Open door of mailbox, toy refrigerator, get object

___ Play dead

___ Scent articles (choose from 5 – dog can ‘read’)

___ Sit or down at distance (15 ft.)

___ Tissue out of box (and bring to handler)

___ Toys (take to and drop in box)

___ Weave poles (6 weave poles) (no food or toy lures)

___ Other: Handler’s choice #1:_______________________ ____ Other: Handler’s choice #2:_______________________

Tricks classes are available Wednesdays 10:30-11:30 am or 8-9 pm. Check the calendar for the next session or contact Paula for drop in availability.

Next evaluation opportunity

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