DashDash Trick Challenge Update #3 – “Behind”

DashDash learned the behind command accidentally. I was proofing her heeling for an upcoming obedience trial. She has a bad habit of forging. The instant she was in perfect position, I pulled my right shoulder back, dropped her tug toy on the ground behind me to my right side and said “behind”.

Once she learned I was going to drop the toy behind me, she started lagging. So I alternated dropping it in front and to my right and behind and to my right. When I dropped it behind me I gave her the “behind” cue.


We accomplished two things in one training session. DashDash learned she needed to stay in heel position before I released her to pounce on her tug toy. I could walk through an entire heel pattern with good focus and precision.

But, before she even figured out her need for precision, she knew “behind” meant she could switch sides behind me to pounce on her toy. DashDash learned this new behavior in less than 5 minutes.

This trick would count as a write in for the AKC Advanced Trick Title.  You can learn how to train this trick in Baebea’s Dog Training Trick Classes.


  1. Back up
  2. Balance disc
  3. Barrel Racing (run around cone)
  4. Basketball
  5. Behind (pass behind me while walking)      2/4/18
  6. Bow
  7. Come
  8. Crawl
  9. Directed Jumping
  10. Directed Retrieve
  11. Doggy push ups
  12. Down
  13. Drop it/give
  14. Fetch to hand
  15. Figure 8 (through legs)
  16. Find me
  17. Find object with my scent (scent discrimination)
  18. Front
  19. Get dressed(stick head through collar)     2/1/18
  20. Head cock
  21. Head down
  22. Head nod yes     11/11/18
  23. Hike back leg
  24. Hoop jump
  25. Jump
  26. Jumping figure 8
  27. Kennel up
  28. Leave it
  29. Nose touch
  30. Nosework
  31. Paw touch
  32. Paws on arm
  33. Paws up
  34. Perch work (pivot with front legs on perch)
  35. Pickpocket
  36. Play dead
  37. Ring toss
  38. Settle
  39. Shake hands
  40. Shell game (find the toy)
  41. Side step
  42. Sit
  43. Spin
  44. Stack bowls
  45. Stand
  46. Stay
  47. Teeter
  48. Touch my hand
  49. Tug (she’s a Doberman, afterall)
  50. Tunnel
  51. Walk
  52. Walk on loose leash – heel
  53. Watch me/focus
  54. Weave through legs
  55. Weaves
  56. Which hand holds the treat
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