Agility Handling Workshops

Contact Performance for Non-Typical Agility Breeds

Does your dog nail his contacts in practice, but sprout wings in a trial, missing the contact zone by so much that people on the IMG_1237other side of the arena gasp?  Does your dog slow his momentum on the descent board, only to jump off right before he reaches the yellow?  Does your dog beat you across the dogwalk, but look back at you and step off the side before he touched the yellow?

Some dogs need to stop at the contact zone.  Some dogs need you to leave them alone and let them run through the contact zone.  Some dogs need a hybrid of the two.  This workshop will evaluate your dog’s performance and the teamwork between you and your dog.  It will help you decide the best behavior to train your dog for the contact performance.  Learn which contact performance is right for you and your dog.  Learn the foundation skills to teach your dog to reliably hit the contact zone.

Sat, August 13, 1pm – 4pm – $50 1st dog, $30 ea additional dog  – Register

Handling Workshop for Large Breeds and Other Non-Traditional Agility Dogs – Collection Cues

Does your dog take off too close or too far from the jump and drop the bar?  Does your dog a stretch out over the jump and land so far beyond it that he takes an off course obstacle or has to slam on the breaks to come back to you?  Teaching your dog to collect will save his joints and lengthen his agility career.  Teach your dog the skills he needs to figure out when he needs to alter his stride.  Learn the handling techniques to properly cue a tight turn before he jumps so he has time to alter his stride.

Sun, August 14, 1pm – 4pm – $50 1st dog, $30 ea additional dog  – Register

Register for both days – $80.00 first dog, $50 ea additional dog – Register

Agility Field is at 4401 NE 179th St, Ridgefield, WA – 1 mile from Clark County Fairgrounds