Introduction to New AKC Rally Signs Workshop

Be ready when AKC unleashes their new rally signs and classes on November 1st.
Baebea’s Dog Training is offering a workshop on AKC’s new signs.

Saturday, May 20

Workshop –  9am – 12 noon
The new signs will be introduced.
  The expected performance will be explained.
nstruction will be given on how to train the new behaviors.  Everyone will then have a chance to practice the new behaviors with the new signs.

Rally Runs – 1 – 4 pm
Practice the new skills on 2 different courses.

Fee for the workshop is $50, includes afternoon rally courses.  Working spots are limited.  Unlimited auditing $20.

Afternoon runs for non-workshop participants are available for $20/dog.


Event held at
Wet Dog Wellness Center
432 SE 91st Ave
Portland, OR

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