Earning an AKC Trick Dog Performer Title


 To earn the AKC Trick Dog Performer title, the dog must demonstrate 10 tricks. The  handler/dog  will  perform a total of 10 previously learned or new tricks from the  Novice,  Intermediate  and Advanced  titles.   Of  these,  there must be at least  2  Intermediate  and  2 Advanced  Tricks. For the Performer title, handlers may not use food/toys as lures. May use food rewards/clickers.

For  the  Performer  level,  tricks  may  be  done as either

  • 10 unrelated tricks done one after the other.
  • As  a  part of a routine with  a theme/story.
    • An  example of a theme is “Bruno plays sports”.
    • An  example of a tricks  routine with a story  is,
      “This is Princess.  Princess  loves to go to school.
      When she goes to school she 1) takes a nap,  2)  gets a book,  3)  goes outside and plays ball,” etc.

      A helper may be used to read/narrate the story as a way of prompting the tricks for the handler, or the handler may tell the story as the routine proceeds.

A theme or story is not  required, however, these can be very entertaining and useful for dogs who are working in schools and therapy settings.

– NEW –
AKC has announced that you can choose to have your routine evaluated
in place of submitting a video.
 Upcoming Trick Dog Evaluations


Need help putting a routine together? Tricks classes are available Wednesdays 10:30-11:30 am or 8-9 pm. Check the calendar for the next session or contact Paula for drop in availability.

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