Our first ORT results

Tucker put his nose to good work!

Tucker put his nose to good work at the ORT!

Two of my students and two of my dogs attended a K9 Nose Work Odor Recognition Test hosted by Joyce’s Dog Training at La Center Elementary School today. In order to trial for nose work titles, your dog must first prove they can recognize the odors used – anise, birch and clove. Overall it was a  successful day. Lambert passed the anise and birch in less than 15 seconds each. Dash got all three scents, finding the anise scent in 6.65 seconds! Jedi got the clove and birch in less than 12 seconds each. Tucker also passed all three scents, with a little extra handling required due to the noisy ice-machine. Congratulations to Tucker and Jedi and their handlers. Being my first ORT, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I hoped I had prepared my students for success. I did identify a couple of areas we will focus on in class, but everyone was successful and had fun  – exactly what Baebea’s Dog Training is about.

If you are interested in Nose Work training, please fill out the class registration form.

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