LARGE dog needed for commercial

I need a BIG dog for a commercial the beginning of Aug. in Portland area. Definition of big – 80 lb Lambert is too small. They recommended Dane or Mastiff, but any large breed is okay. Hairy (neuf) is okay. Needs to lay on a bed, taking up most of the bed.

Please email, not message, pictures to me. I’m judging out of town and cannot access the pics I already have at home and can only get online at Starbucks down the street from the hotel, so if I need to correspond w/you about sending the picture, the producer may not see your dog for a couple days. My email address is

Please send a picture of your dog ONLY. No kids hugging the dog, no costumes (including bandanas), no studio shot w/you in pic. Only one dog per picture, please. Send multiple pictures if you have multiple dogs. Sitting and facing the camera, show entire dog, or standing from the side view.

This company will pay gas is you are not in Portland.

If you would like your dog to be added to my gallery for future consideration, please use my registration form.