Day 2 of PAC trial

I started the day out with a challenge to myself – get DashDash through the weaves in the Fast class. It took 5 tries, but she did it! We had a big celebration and exited the ring on a high note. The next class she ran was JWW – she Q’d for her first leg in that class! Yay! We started Standard out pretty rough when she fell off the dog walk at obstacle 2. She did get back on and complete it, but we were both a little shook up at that point 🙂

IMG_3952Tucker had a great run in Fast earning a Q even with his Dad in the arena as a distraction. While he didn’t Q in JWW or Standards, he had fun and stayed with his handler, meeting his goals for the weekend. Agility isn’t always about getting the Q, in fact there are generally more NQs than Qs in a trial. I encourage my students to strive for the Q, everyone wants to qualify, but have smaller goals in mind – stayed with me, made the A Frame – so you have a success to celebrate.

We will be out there again tomorrow, joined by Jedi. I’m excited to see everyone compete.

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