Trick Challenge Update – Unwind

I enjoy evaluating tricks for AKC and DMWYD titles. AKC allows for 2 write in tricks at each level. At one obedience/rally trial, quite a few people had the same write in trick. They called it rewind. The dog wraps tightly around the handler’s legs, moving backwards.

When I first tried to train DashDash to rewind, I realized I couldn’t use the same verbal cue that everybody else did. Most dogs can differentiate between separate vowel sounds and some consonant sounds like the hiss sound of “s”. DashDash already knew the “behind” cue where she passes from my right side to my left side, or vise versa, from behind. “Rewind” is the same vowel combination and when I tried to give her the verbal cue she offered the behind behavior. So everybody’s “rewind” became DashDash’s “unwind”.

The same foundation skill needed to learn back up in heel position, sidestep in heel position, or pivot left is needed for the unwind behavior. I used a combination of luring with a treat and guidance with a leash.

It took DashDash about 8 lessons to learn this behavior solidly. The first 6 lessons were ringside while waiting to go into the agility or rally ring – both highly distractible locations. It took 2 additional short training sessions in a calm environment for her to perform the behavior reliably.

The highlighted behaviors are the ones DashDash has learned since I started her Trick Challenge to learn 50 tricks in a year.


  1. Back up
  2. Balance disc
  3. Barrel Racing (run around cone)
  4. Basketball
  5. Beg – be a poodle
  6. Behind (pass behind me while walking)
  7. Bow
  8. Cik and Cap (translation is “zig zig”, used for collection and tight turns.)
  9. Come
  10. Crawl
  11. Directed Jumping
  12. Directed Retrieve
  13. Doggy push ups
  14. Down
  15. Drop it/give
  16. Fetch to hand
  17. Figure 8 (through legs)
  18. Find me
  19. Find object with my scent (scent discrimination)
  20. Front
  21. Get dressed(stick head through collar)
  22. Head cock
  23. Head down
  24. Head nod yes
  25. Head shake no
  26. Hike back leg
  27. Hoop jump
  28. Jump
  29. Jumping figure 8
  30. Kennel up
  31. Leave it
  32. Nose touch
  33. Nosework
  34. Palm touch – high energy
  35. Paw touch
  36. Paws on arm
  37. Paws up
  38. Perch work (pivot with front legs on perch)
  39. Pickpocket
  40. Play dead
  41. Ring toss
  42. Scent discrimination (Utility Scent Articles)
  43. Settle
  44. Shake hands
  45. Shell game (find the toy)
  46. Side step
  47. Sit
  48. Spin
  49. Stack bowls
  50. Stand
  51. Stay
  52. Teeter
  53. Touch my hand
  54. Tug (she’s a Doberman, afterall)
  55. Tunnel
  56. Unwind (circle around me backwards)
  57. Walk
  58. Walk on loose leash – heel
  59. Watch me/focus
  60. Weave through legs
  61. Weaves
  62. Which hand holds the treat


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